Master in Animation

I finally completed my master degree in animation. It still feels unnatural to say I am a master in Animation as I still know I have a lot more to learn, however maybe that is part of having a master degree. As I have always felt the more you learn about something the more you realise there is yet to learn. However, it definitely feels nice to finally be finished.

Here is the final video. I was happily surprised to discover vimeo now accepts 360 videos.

To see the process of the project you can check my project blog here.

Now to the next chapter and work on portfolio and work applications. After a small celebration, break at the moment I am back in the Netherlands at a friends place as we are going to a kpop concert today. No judgement please, it just makes me SO happy to listen to even though it is quite different from what I normally would pick. Therefore I am really looking forward to the Block B concert in Amsterdam later today. I will be staying with my friend in the Nederlands for a couple more days hopefully also having the opportunity to meet up with other friends before travelling on to the UK meeting up with my boyfriend. It is so nice to be a bit away from the computer travelling around and not having to worry about the master project which have been hanging over my head for the last year. 🙂


A Winter View

After having worked on the master project for so long I needed a break to just do something completely different. Therefore to push myself to explore a different style I continued on an old realistic looking orange model to explore how I could edit it together with a photo. For a first proper experiment with a more realistic style I am quite happy with it, even though I know it has some potential for improvements particularly with the lighting and editing. A better photo could also easily have been taken with a proper camera instead of just a phone, but it worked for its purpose. The models was made in Maya with texturing in Zbrush and editing in Photoshop.

For me this picture sums up a typical winter scenery with coffee, oranges, snow on the trees surrounded by wooden houses some of the elements that helps make the winter warm and cozy.

Final year project

For the last 6 months on my bachelor I will be working on my thesis as well as two different practical works. The thesis ties both the practical projects together within the topic of costume design. One of the projects is a group project were I am working together with a classmate to create a short animation. In this project we have bought pre rigged characters to be able to save time, but we are still giving them a makeover in the form of new clothes to give the characters the feeling we are after. The other project however is a personal project in the form of a comic made in 3D this project focuses on modelling and texturing and will have a supernatural creature from Norway in focus. In this project the creature and clothes will be designed together. So as can be seen this is two very different projects and with very different aims, but I believe both can be useful for me to learn from in two different ways.

Nisseworld (blog)
This is a project which aims to tell about the Scandinavian creature Nisse’s characteristics and its function in our society. It will be told though a series of still pictures rendered from the 3D software Maya. The setting while be an old norwegian barn, with semi realistic colours to give the feeling of that this could be real in some way.



Second phase within the master of animation

After just having finished the second phase within the master I figured it was time for a new blog post. The focus on this phase was to work as we if were a small studio, we were given assignments given to us by companies in the Netherlands and we had to chose ourself how to divide ourself and split the tasks.

The first project I was a part of was given to us by submarine channel they wanted to explore storytelling potential for film-makers and game designers working within the same theme; the Amsterdam ferry. This project is open for everyone to participate in no matter their experience, to see other projects within this project as well as read more about it you can check their website here.

Due to the open nature of this project we started off with very many ideas which we tried to narrow down. So eventually we agreed upon two very different ideas to focus on Lethe and The Interplanetary Ferry. These two projects and the work behind them can be read about on our blog.

I worked on the Interplanetary Ferry which can be seen above. This was together with  Juan, Lucie, Aser, Iris, Mansur and with extra help with animation Federica. As I am more confident in 3D I mostly worked on the low poly modelling of the ticketbox, sign and trees, UVing everything except for the interior of the ferry, applying textures that Iris made and animating the landing of the ferry and as it spins away from the earth. Early on I did also help with making the space background and stars.

The second project we were given we all had to be part, it was given to us from the dutch adobe office. We were given a story which we had to read to kids. After each chapter they were going to draw a drawing based on what had happened and afterwards explain to us what they had drawn. Our task was to redraw the scene using the kids drawing as inspiration. Being in a country were I don’t speak the language, however, I got a drawing from one my classmates as she had manage to gather a group of kids. I got the drawing from a girl names Souraya, you can see her with her drawing below.

I have a lot to learn about drawing but nevertheless it was fun to work on. It was not clear to me how much liberty I could take with the original drawing so I tried to keep all the elements and just changed the angle and composed it in a way that I preferred.

The third project I participated in was another very open project. It was given to us by filmding a  company specializing within making marketing films. Filmding with some other companies had gone together to create visual lab which is a gathering of companies that work towards other companies in some way. They wanted us to make animations that used their space at the same time as it illustrated that they were an adaptable company. The space they wanted us to use to our best abilities was filled with screens of all kinds of sizes and shapes.So we decided to use that to our advantage and have the logo in a simplified state move through all  the different screens changing a bit in each screen as it is effected by each individual world that exists within the screens. This we decided could be a good way to show the potential of animation as well as the adaptability of the company. It also gave us the opportunity to use different types of media and divide the screens between us in a way that worked for us. This meant that this became a very different form of teamwork than from the submarine project. Due to technical issues we did not end up with being able to play all the animations synced in the end, however Raphael made a film to show it was suppose to have looked which you can see below.

As can be seen there was a lot of screens so some people worked on several screens as well. The order of the artists as their screens are shown can be seen here: Daniel, Geert and me, Linda, Raphael, Jos, Geert and Paulina, Daniel and me, Jelle, Jos and Paulina,  Iris

Within the filmding project I worked with 3D elements for two screens the space world with Geert and one medieval world with Daniel. The screens had very different visual styles making them very interesting to work on in different ways.

For the space world I worked with Geert, he illustrated and designed the world while I modelled the planets and the astronaut. The astronaut model can be seen clearer here. The astronaut also had to be rigged and animated. For the planets we did it quite easily with some spheres with texture and bump map that Geert provided, I only needed to make them seamless and attach them.

In Daniels medieval it was a bit of an unknown territory for both of us with him never having worked with 3D and I have never worked with so abstract and illustrative objects before. Nevertheless, this was a good opportunity to experiment with combining the 3D and 2D. I started off testing how it could look in 3D by taking one of his drawings and trying to model it. Underneath you can see the early mushroom test. Here the texture was just planar mapped on so we knew that if Daniel wanted movements in the camera so you saw it from the side we needed to make proper textures. Later on Daniel made some squares with textures that we used to scale the uvs within to try and avoid seams.

Another early test was to show Daniel what you could do in 3D and how moving textures worked. We were planning on using this as a way to make a river in our landscape, however due to time constraints we ended up changing the idea.

I realised early on that this could be a lot of work so we got Paulina on board to help model and texture some mushrooms. In the end though it still seemed to be a bit risky due to unfamiliar territory. I started importing and spreading the objects within the scene and made a camera that were suppose to follow the river mimicking the movements as if it were laying on the water, but we decided it would take a while to make it look nice and how we wanted. Therefore in the end we rendered out the objects and composited it together in after effects instead.

It was an interesting experiment and if we had more time it would have been fun to try and complete the original idea. However it was a very new territory and we needed to discuss and visualize quite a bit to each other to show what we meant which meant everything took longer time as well.

Below you can see how the final version ended up.The music has been added later on to add to the mood.


Though this period I got a lot of experience with working with very different people. When I have been in group works before with people in my bachelor it felt like I was with more like minded people who also works with technical and artistic and seems to have a tendence to prefer to work at home. This did crash a bit at times when we worked in such a diverse group as especially in the submarine group. This was however also very useful since I probably in the future as well if I can manage will be working with modelling from drawings that illustrators have made. It will still be nice to have more control and less opinions to take into account for the next phase. Since we are now starting on the final phase and our final projects which we will be working on until September.

Back to scratch

At the moment I am in a master of animation program at Avans Hogeschool in the Netherlands. So far I have only been here for 6-8 weeks and already learnt a lot. Even though I am from a 3D background this is an aimation master across several disciplines with people from loads of different backgrounds. Illustration, game design, motion graphics, live action, multimedia and of course others from 3D animation. So for the first part of the school year we have now been working a lot on the basics within animation. I being from a 3D background have actually not experience much of this before, except fora small a 2D animation clip from my first year of university. I have had the bouncing ball before though but again only in 3D so this was quite a useful couple of weeks to get back to the basics with several small animations and one longer for the assessment.

For this animation we had to draw an animal of our choice and one of our classmates. From there we drew morphing frames between them. I misunderstood a bit, apparently we were suppose to draw the frame right in the middle and between the two drawings and then the middle ones between drawings until we got our desired number of frames. I on the other hand just drew straight ahead:P


The pendulum, is another famous animation exercise which I got to try for the first time.

And finally the bouncing ball. Please don’t judge the messy lines, I am not used to this and it was only as an exercise. 😛

For the assessment we had animate a simple animation from a music piece. The piece is a combination of several classical songs put together and everyone in my class had to animate a minute each. This meant that we had some people ending up a bit in-between songs like me, so I have the end of one song and the start of another. For me I used this opportunity to test out a bit different animation styles since I haven’t experienced much of the 2D animation field. So for the end of the first song I let myself inspire by motion graphic and for the other part I ended up with drawing each frame. I never realised how much  I was given for free within animation while working in 3D until I tried this, so much working drawing each frame and perspective has always been something I found tricky. Enjoy my hard work even though it is far from perfect. 🙂

My year at the course “Drawing and imagery”

This year I have been enrolled in an one year art course in Norway called drawing and imagery.  As this year has now come to an end I figured it was time to show what I have done this year and write briefly about each of the assignments we have been through. It has been a different year for me and I have learnt a lot even though I wish I had worked even more on my drawing skills.

Drawing and painting: For this assignment we chose an artwork that inspired us. I chose this picture by Joel Robinson and made a drawing based on this with markers as can be seen on the left. This drawing was taken further for the painting part of this module, for this I chose to focus on the turtle shell and made a pattern out of it to fit a mug.


Artlab: This module was focused a lot on studying things from the nature through microscopes as well as trying to get to terms with having elements of chance which we can’t control. The painting underneath was based on some of what I found while studying things though the microscope and afterwards having played with this images in photoshop overlaying it and changing effects. I have to admit I didn’t completely managed to add an effect I couldn’t control into the painting, except for adding a lot of water and letting it just drip down. For the spikes I had taped off areas on beforehand.


Sculpture: This was a assignment were we used recyclable materials to make a sculpture inspired by endangered species. This sculpture is made from a mirror, paper, cardboard, see through tape and a transparent paper that could be used in the printer. In the eyes there can be seen some barely visible shapes, the black part contains a gathering of endangered species which I edited together in Photoshop and changed the values so they appeared darker. For the grey part of the eye there is animals that have quite recently died out.

Graphical design: For this class we had to design a candy box wrapping. We chose our own sweats and I chose Polkagris which is originally a swedish candy but they are like candy canes. The name Polkagris is actually two words put together. Polka is from the dance which this candy might have been named after because of its swirly stripes. Gris actually means pig, but apparently in Sweden in the old days that was also slang for candy. So from this I chose to take the pig part a bit more literally and made a box with characteristics that reminds people of a pig.
L1060104 L1060106 L1060108

Product design: For this project we were making something that gave off light, it could be a light installation or a product. So as can be seen it was a very wide project were we could chose quite a lot for ourself what to focus on, which was part of the challenge. In the end I chose to make a light table from an old book. I thought this could be quite a practical object especially for people with not that much space since you can close it together and put it in the bookshelf. The surface area isn’t very big through so it is mostly suitable for small drawings or for small animations were you draw the different poses.


Independent project: This was the end of the year project for this course. We could chose what to do ourself, but we had to have a practical and theoretical part. The theoretical part had to result in a around 20 pages long report with a chosen question to research with case studies and a conclusion describing how the theoretical and practical work has answered the research question. For my topic I chose character design with the research question “What makes a character memorable?”.

Design4 FargeDesign

Water colouring and liquid masking film

A couple of months back I saw someone in my class use a liquid painting thing that was painted on the paper and removed after having painted over with water colours. This looked quite fun so when I saw a pot in the local craft store I bought to test it out. Please take into account that I haven’t used much water colours before so still learning and finding out how that works. In after thought I probably should have sketched up the fish a bit first or at least with a light coloured painting. Still found it a bit cute.:) The film was surprisingly easy to get off, I used a slim cutting knife to get a hold on it and then it was mostly to just pull it off. JustKeepSwimmingIn the start I was a bit uncertain about how thick masking film I needed as well but it just takes longer to dry with thicker layer. So hopefully this cute Dory (from Finding Nemo) quote can now cheer me up and motivate me to work.:)

21 days challenge

I recently started the 21 days challenge. Being amazing at finding excuses and procrastinating I had some issues starting and keeping it up, so in the end I made a schedule so I could cross off each day. It is still hard to be creative and draw when the mood isn’t up for it and might be even feeling ill. To have some drawing exercises to stick to I ended up using wysp a lot for trying to learn to get the main proportions down fast and this video was also helpful to get some inspiration for what to work on.

Unfortunately this only lasted 8 days since I had forgotten to take the easter break into account. My family had planned a skitrip in the mountains, Hardangervidda, where we walked from cottage to cottage for 5 days + 1 extra day for travelling. SO I will just have to start the challenge again after we come back.:) Still had some wonderful days in the mountains and got a bit sunburnt. Tricky in the mountains during easter where you can easily get sunbrunt even if u can’t see or feel the sun.

Anyway, I can’t say I noticed a massive improvement during the 8 days I managed to keep this up:P. However, I did notice it became easier to get something that looked like faces out of the wysp sessions. My focus was facial proportions and getting the lines down at the paper at the right places. So in the start I kept drawing after the timer had gone out, since I had barely gotten anything down on the paper. I thought it was more important to get the proportions right rather than the speed and hopefully the speed will come later on. I did set the timer per drawing on 5 minutes also for this reason, and eventually I did at least get some of the main features down before the timer ran out. So hopefully with a proper 21 days challenge I will get even better at this and drawing in general. Especially the faces from the front seems to be a weakness of mine as well as tilting of the heads. Under can be seen some of the drawings from this time period.

Sorry the quality, I don’t have a A3 scanner here.


Hoping that by starting this blog I can get the inspiration to draw and work on art things. Hopefully this can be an environment it will be easy for me too post everything from simple sketches to 3D work. I am not the best artist but I am trying to learn so be nice and plz come with suggestions for improvement:)